March 27, 2013

Preach the Gospel

Easter Sunday. 
The day we celebrate the Resurrection.
An observance that Christ died, but did not stay dead. 
Not only was DEATH conquered, but SIN was overcome.
This Sunday is Easter. Right?

I just saw a post on Twitter that read:
"If ever there was a weekend to preach the Gospel, it's this one. Failing to do so would be a huge miss!"

Let me first say that I agree that Easter Sunday most certainly should be a time and opportunity to preach the Gospel. You would hope that to be a no-brainer for anyone called to preach. But here's what's under my skin like a burr on a horse's butt: EVERY SUNDAY is an opportunity to PREACH THE GOSPEL! Failing to do so would not simply be a huge miss, it would be criminal. It's inconceivable and contemptuous for anyone who takes on the responsibility of rightly communicating and preaching the Word of God to preach anything but the Gospel. What else is there to preach? 

How to have a better marriage? That starts with the Gospel.
Being a steward of what God has given us? Who cares without the Gospel?
Overcoming lust or sexual sin? Definitely NOT going to happen without the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforming the heart and mind.

Is this stemming from a grotesque misunderstanding and ignorance of the Word of God and the whole of the Gospel? Is there only one day a year when pastors are called to actually communicate salvation? Is there part of the Bible that's void of the Gospel? I just don't get it. 
Have you read 1 Corinthians 1:17 or Galatians 1:9? Whether to pagans or priests, Paul preached the Gospel.

I know there is much aggravation for many pastors over the folks who show up once (Easter) or twice (Easter & Christmas) a year for our worship services. Let's be honest. Sometimes you (pastors) really want to call them out from the platform. I understand. But is it possible that, because we treat Easter like it's the "Super Bowl" - like it's that ONE Sunday when everybody better bring their A-Game and the sermon better be out-of-the-park and the music has to be through the roof - that could possibly have something to do with why some people only show up on those days? They know what you're up to. They know if there's ever a day when it's all going to be top notch, it's gonna be Easter. WHY?

As a believer - as a follower of Jesus Christ - isn't every Sunday about Easter?
Forget Sundays. Isn't every single day I wake up knowing that I HAVE BEEN saved, I am BEING saved, and WILL BE saved about Easter?

Please hear me: I understand that much of WHAT we do and WHY we do it on Easter is the realization that, if there's a day when we might have more guests and "seekers" than normal, it's this Sunday. I get it. But let me ask you this: How are you going to explain it when/if they show up the next Sunday and, compared to Easter, it sucks? Or maybe it doesn't suck, it's just high-level mediocrity. Shouldn't every single time we gather be rooted in and regenerated by the fact that Jesus died, rose again, and is offering us NEW LIFE? 

This Sunday should be awesome. But so should every Sunday.
Pastors - Preach the Gospel this Sunday. But please, preach it every Sunday.