June 9, 2011

Share It With the Rest of Us!

Hey friends! Now that we're neck-deep into the summer, I'm wondering what has inspired you this year so far? What blogposts have you written (or read) that stand out? What books have captivated you on a new level? What scriptures have you been meditating on, seeing the Lord open your eyes to more of Himself? I would love for you to share it with the rest of us!

So, how about it? What scriptures, books, songs, blogposts do we need to know about?


Jason Weakley said...

I have really been inspired by Rob Bell's "Love Wins." It has been opening doors to me theological understandings of God, and I am sure that will begin translating into my personal relationship with him. I am hoping to do a blog series on it later in the fall.

Aubrie said...

Earlier this year I read Radical by David Platt....some people don't like it because it steps on toes, but I was convicted and inspired because David challenges us to take a look at the American culture and see if it really lines up with who Christ is calling us to be. I highly recommend it!!!

Jennifer Meyers said...

For me, Radical for sure. Our church as a whole is taking the Radical Challenge. It has made a huge difference in my life, and how I see things. I am actually reading the entire bible this year, instead of a chunk here and chunk there in my quiet time. I am actually enjoying reading the old testament. I am being reminded how patient and creative our God is, and sometimes He gets creative in our trials so that we will know that He is the one who delivered us.

I also read the book One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer, and had a bible study group in my home about it. It just made me realize how stubborn and how much I act just like the Israelites as they were traveling to the Promised Land.