January 1, 2010

Most Resolutions Suck! (Yes, Even Yours!)

Well, it's a new year. Therefore I feel there is some (unwarranted & self-imposed) pressure to write or say something contemplative or deeply profound. Which first of all has me questioning if anything I have to say is "deeply" profound. Can it just be mildly profound? Or does deeply automatically go in front of profound? I'm not sure. Either way.....

At this juncture each year people are resolving and promising to make changes and adjustments to their life that will make this year better than the one in the rearview. As a pastor, there are many aspects of this that I applaud: God's desire and plan to make all things new, a hunger in us as Christ-followers for change and transformation, and so on. We need to be re-evaluating and scrutinizing the progress of our walk and our journey. But - in my perspective - there's another side to this story - this once-a-year proclamation of progress.

Here's what I mean. If this is the eleventh year in a row that you're swearing to "join the gym, starting eating healthy, and lose those extra 20 pounds", I have some bad news for you: YOUR PLAN ISN'T WORKING! And here's more bad news: your NEW plan isn't going to work either! If this is the year you're finally going to read through the Bible (and yes, I started that today), spend less at Starbucks and quit smoking...you're probably going to fail miserably at that as well. Are you excited and encouraged yet? Ready to sign up for my 5-step Inspirational Conference? More on that later. The point to all of this is simple. Here goes:

If the first thing on your agenda & resolution list isn't FINDING ACCOUNTABILITY - finding someone to walk with you, challenge you, see through your BS (and by that I actually mean, "BS"), ask you the tough questions (like, "Have you spent any time in God's Word today?" or "Are you even entertaining a single thought about that woman who is NOT your wife?" - the 2nd question being a little "tougher" than the 1st) - then you are on a 365-day course toward your same stupid list next year. The cycle is endless. The resolutions are a haunting echo. You are not meant, wired, or supposed to do this on your own. STOP THE MADNESS! Break the cycle. And make your first resolution this year to beg the Lord to bring someone into your path and life to walk with you through fire.

There is much wisdom in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Read it. Study it. Live it.

You CAN do this. You CAN change! This is your year to kick some butt and take names - and to conquer that lifelong goal. But if your plan is to go it alone....quit while you're ahead. And save the money from the gym membership for donuts and coffee!

So, what's your resolution? And WHO is going to help you make it happen? Love to hear about your journey!

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