May 2, 2009

Singing Over Me

On a day like today - when it's raining, I'm sick, motivation has fallen off the radar, and all I'm really thinking is, "Get through this day! Maybe tomorrow will be better" - there is no better time to call out to the Redeemer and ask Him to draw your heart in close. Days like this call for Psalms.

Psalm 1 has reminded me this morning that there is overwhelming delight in knowing the Lord - there is joy in the chorus of His Word resonating through the corridors of your heart and mind. There is satisfaction found in Christ that is discovered nowhere else - in no other person or place - in no other name than the One that saves. And knowing that even when I don't feel like seeking, trusting, communing, or resting in Him...He is singing over me, pouring out rest and comfort and perfect love.

Lord, make us a light when we don't feel like shining. Give us rest when we keep on running. And when necessary...ground our ship. Knock us over. Slow us down. And remind us that all we need is found in You.

"Lord, Your songs have never stopped. You're always singing over me!"
Thank you.

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