September 5, 2008

The Unspeakable Power of Presence

Leadership. It's a scary word. For some it evokes feelings of terror - the thought of being in front of people or having to actually make decisions that affect other people! For others it's like one of those gnats that gets in your car and keeps buzzing around your head while you're trying to drive, talk on the phone, and listen to your iPod - it won't go away! And then for is life. It is what you know you were put here for. It weaves it's way into the casual and formal parts of your life, never truly letting you rest or go on hiatus from it. Leadership loves to be loved and wants to be taken seriously. (I could really go down analogy lane here, but it's in my best interest to abstain.)

In recent years there have been all kinds of new thoughts on leadership...all kinds of fresh and innovative philosophies, tactics, programs, and ideas for leaders. There are always these "buzz words" floating around out there and fresh new adjectives to put in front of everything, like "fresh". You can read John Maxwell until you're reciting the 21 Laws of Leadership in your dreams. Sign up for the conferences, go to conventions, learn to listen and articulate, forge ahead and plow through. It's all good. 

But I believe that there is ONE KEY ELEMENT of leadership that I don't ever seem to hear anyone speaking on at conferences or writing Best Sellers about or hashing out over lunch at Olive Garden. There is ONE THING that - if you are truly going to lead - you simply cannot avoid, ignore, put off, or minimize the importance of for one more second. The greatest and most pivotal piece to the puzzle of PRESENCE.

This is pretty simple really. If you're not can't lead. Get it? For leaders, the idea that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a big load of hoo hah! You cannot blaze a trail, you cannot influence, you cannot exemplify the consistency or earn the trust and respect that leaders must have for followers to follow. It won't happen. There's no math or fraction or survey to show you the statistical evidence of this, it's just pure, simple fact. There is unspeakable POWER in PRESENCE.

So, are you leading? Are you called to lead? Are you supposed to be leading? Is there anyone following you? Turn around. Look! You'll know. If you have any doubt...if there's any second guessing...just ask yourself, "Am I there?" If you're not can't lead. And there's no fresh idea, philosophy, or buzz word to prove otherwise. BE THERE!

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Keith said...

So, when does your best seller hit the stores? :)