December 24, 2007

Oh Dear me!

OK, this is going to be blunt and humiliating but I have to come clean. There is never a time or circumstance in my life when I find myself more helpless and crying out, "Oh Dear me!" than when my body is being attacked by some sort of wretched intestinal virus. I was awakened Saturday night (Sunday morning) by my daughter just as she was about to hurl for the first of many times. Then my son followed suit starting @ 2-3am. My poor wife slept on their floor and probably got about 2 hours of sleep. When any of us get sick, she's like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV.

As of late in my life my immune system has definitely grown stronger. I don't get sinus infections or other garbage like that near as much as I used to. But these stupid viruses have got my number. So naturally yesterday about 2-3pm I felt the cold sweat coming on...I ran upstairs to my bedroom...barely fell on the bed before I almost passed out. The next 12 hours my body felt like someone had shoved me into a toaster and pushed the lever down. All I remember from last night is laying there saying, "God.......please!"

The reason for me sharing all of this is simply to say (at least for me) there is nothing like the hated intestinal stomach virus to remind me that I am a frail, helpless, mortal weenie that at any time can be rendered powerless and paralyzed by something completely invisible. And even in the midst of feeling like a Peterbilt has parked on top of me, God will never give me more than I can handle. Never.

Oh, and also, my wife is much tougher than me.
That's not even remotely humiliating!

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